I love Mondays in Spain

I love Mondays

21 feb 2022

Well actually I love every day now and heres why.

When i lived in England and worked as a Carpenter and builder I hated Mondays mornings as it meant that I had to set off to work early to try and miss the rush hour to get to my job and the last few months I did that it was in January so it was dark ,wet and cold and that was even before I had to start work.

When I was working here in Spain full time i still had to get up on Mondays to go to work but it was warm and sunny and there was no traffic jams, the scenery was brighter and that made me feel better. People in general were happy even on Monday mornings. There was no rush. Working in just a T shirt and light clothing is way more comfortable than having 2 jumpers and a coat on. All these little things all add up and make living and working in Spain easier and more relaxed. Working in the UK i found my self wishing my life away hoping for a better future and way of live.

Today is Monday again and i still get up early but now its to work on my own house and do what i want to do when i want to do it.

Ok its not all about the weather i know but when you get out of bed and its warm and sunny almost every day it just makes you feel so good,

Every day now is a great day and I am so grateful that I took action and made the move here. If you are not happy with Mondays then maybe its not Mondays thats the problem but the way of life you are stuck in.

You and only you can change it if you want to and if I can do it then so can anyone. I set up this group to encourage others to follow their dreams as i did and so as I and others can share information on how to move to Spain and start living the life you really want. 

If you are not happy with your life in the UK now and you really want a freash start a change of way of life then i can tell you it is possible you can do it others are doing it every week. we are here to help you we have a free info page a free mentor group and we want you to live the life of your dreams so come join our face book group and start taking action today to get the life you really want. The alternative is to just get on with that job you hate and follow the rest and stop moaning about the life you have chosen.

If you really want to change then you can.

“if you want what others have got you need to do what others have done”

Start writing it down on paper as once you do your dream is a real thing, its a start. Post where and when you are moving to Spain in the comments lets all see you taking action.

Dream big and never give up.

Moving to Spain all the information and documents are here in one place…

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Help us help others

Just a one off donation of only 5 Euros can help me maintain and run these sites to provide FREE info to others who want to follow their dreams of moving to Spain. Thanks in advanced,From David.


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