How To Get Residencia in Spain without all the Questions

There is a legal Fast track way to get Residencia in Spain without having to answer all the proof of earnings and health questions and no need to have health cover insurance.

I am not a Spanish lawyer but this is real and it is legal and people are doing this to save all the problems that are now coming up due to stricter controls on who can get Spanish residencia.

Go self employed even if you dont want to work in Spain.

What you need to do.

If you register as self employed in Spain to open a business or just work for yourself you will get fast tracked for residencia without having to show proof of earnings, medical or health insurance.

It is almost guaranteed to be excepted and quickly.

Its very straight forward do do as well. You will need to pay a monthly social security payment of 280 euros but you can start off at 50 a month for the first year then 150 a month for the second year then the full payment after that…BUT  this will include full health cover for you and any other member of your family like partner and children. And a pension after 15 years of payments,

Just think what it would cost to get private health cover for you and all your family in Spain and a pension here, this may be an option for you to register as self employed here to get passed all these new restrictions and be almost guaranteed of getting residencia fast. Plus if you ever want to work here is all ready set up for you.

For more info on this contact Alejandro as his company are arranging this for people all the time here. his contact details are  here. Click Here

More great tips and advice on moving to Spain and Finding work in Spain here…

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