Finding Work In Spain

Work In Spain

Many Brits who move to Spain will need to Find work in Spain, some will not need to work straight away as they may have some savings but in later years they may need to add to their savings with some part time work or even a full time job. There are those who will need to Find work in Spain from day one to support their new life in Spain.

Many British living here will tell you that it is very difficult now to get work here and some will say its impossible but there is always a way and here I will tell you what you can do to give yourself the best chances of finding work in Spain.

So as some of you know I have been living and working here in Spain for over 16 years now and it has had its ups and downs over the years. The number one reason that British people struggle to find work in Spain is because they dont bother to learn Spanish. Its no different than a chinese person trying to get work in London who does not speak English. We all know how hard that will be and what kinds of jobs he could get.  British people who dont speak Spanish normally end up only getting part time work in British bars or restaurants and the work is hard and long unsociable hours, theres also the cleaning jobs that pay poorly and again are hard work.

Airport runs

You always get the people who do the airport runs, taking people to and from the airport and they make some easy money normally all cash. THIS IS ILEGAL here in Spain as you are not insured and the police are looking out for you. Also the taxi drivers at the airport watch for this and have been known to damage the cars that do this as you are taking away their customers.

Where to find work in Spain.

below are a few places the locals look

A great starting point is to go to the local British bar in the town you are staying in and ask there if they know any jobs going as they are the hub for what goes on in the area. also ask about any British clubs in the area. there is always a few and these are where Brits meet up about once a week so a great place to gather info on jobs that may be available .

Going self employed is a great way to work here in Spain for 2 reasons. First is that if you are self employed its a lot easier to get residency and all other papers for moving here as they will not be as many checks or conditions on you moving here . You will need to pay into the social security here and thats around 280 euros a month but and this is a big but here…You and your family get medical cover as long as one of you is paying into the social security here. Now that can be a lot cheaper than trying to get your family health and medical cover in Spain.

Also with being self employed you can not only work for yourself where and when you want for what every you like to charge but still work many other jobs for other companies that like the fact that you are self employed as they dont have to pay all your medical costs so they will be more inclined to give you a job.  

Several years ago I did just this and went to a building company for a job but they didn’t seem that keen until I told them that i was self employed and that changed their mind straight away and it got me in the door.

Learning Spanish is the top priority if you want to work here and it will make all the difference.

In my new book I have included links and websites to where I have found work and loads of great tips on how to go about finding work in Spain and for readers of this blog you can use the link below to download if for FREE if you have a Kindle or get it on paperback through Amazon.

I would hope that you decide to buy it  even though you can get it for Free as it helps me with the publishing costs so as i can continue to give away info on moving to Spain. plus i have priced it as low as I can. Thanks David

Take a look now just click the photo.

finding work in spain


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