Work Online In Spain

Work Online In Spain

If you are living in Spain and need to earn a little extra or a full time living then why not learn how to work online in Spain from the comfort of your own home.

It can be hard finding work in Spain even if you can speak very good Spanish so this could be right for you.

After working online for several years I learned that there is no fast way to get rich quick online but you really can start to build up an online income if you put in the effort.

Over the years I have tried many online systems and some do work but most are really hard to set up or cost a lot of upfront investment before you even see any income.

Here in this post today I will show just one that I am using now that earns me some online commissions.


Ok so you may have herd of an Ebook, its an online book that can be just a few pages to hundreds or pages that people can access online and will buy so earning you commissions.

Work Online In Spain

Just over a month ago I wrote 2 ebooks and turned them into paperbacks as well so now both versions of each book are earning me commissions from Amazon and Kindle.

See my books below


Now you dont need to be a famous writer to do this and Amazon makes it really easy to set up and upload your text so they can turn it into Ebooks or paperback.

Proof of earnings

below a look at my sales figures for the first month.

then below that earnings. My royalties for the kindle downloads are still not shown yet.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is books-2.jpg

My daily sales chart showing average 2 books a day in sales and this is a new book

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is books.jpg

Its not much but thats just one book in the first 2 months.  Also i earn royalties from giving them away on kindle each time some one downloads a free copy.

just wait till i have several books out all earning this every month and remember once the book is out there its there for ever and you dont need to do any thing else.

If you have several books they can earn you about 1000 a  month every month and thats income that will continue for life.

What to write about?

What ever you are interested in then there will always be someone out there thats interested in the same thing so why not write about what you like. This can be just about anything and Amazon even give you help topics to get you started.

Even if you only write 20 pages that is enough for an ebook and can start earning you income within the first few days.

Dont expect money the first week though as Amazon pays every month after the first month so if you published a book today it will be 60 days before you get any commissions but once you start writing you will find that there are loads of things that you could write about and thats loads more ways that you could earn online.

I now have many websites and blogs as well as several facebook groups where i promote my books to help boost the commissions but just start off slow and write a short ebook and get it publish on Amazon then take it from there.

Just go to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to learn how to get started.

Later posts i will show just how i promote my books to get the best results and share more great free tips.

In my book Below I have a chapter on just how i earn and online income from other systems that you too can do right now take a look,,,

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 9-98180971540043975-large.png

If this has helped please leave a comment thanks.


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