How to Work Online In Spain

Work Online In Spain

This will be my 16 th year living in Spain now after moving here from Brighton in the UK.

Several years ago I started learning how to work from home online and tried many things and spent hundreds of dollars and euros on products  but without much luck.

Then I went to Miami on a course and learned all about network marketing and how to promote any products online to generate an online income.

There are loads of things out there that promise the earth but most are just scams or take your money without giving much back

This is what i have learned and what i now do to earn an online income.

First off its always best to promote and sell your own products or ones that are already doing well like things on Amazon/

I now promote my own 2 books that are out on Amazon and Kindle that I wrote not long ago and were not that hard to write really.

Also I promote other Amazon products that I like and earn a commission if some one buys them through Amazon using my links/

Its not a lot of money but it soon builds up the more you do it.

This is how I earn money online with Amazon.

First you open a free account with them at Amazon Associates. you then get access to product links that you can post just about anywhere and if someone clicks that link and buys the product you earn a commission from Amazon.

The best way to get results with this is to start a blog. I use wordpress as its free/ start your blog and post on it every few days with posts about things that interest you maybe a product you like or fancey getting then post the link to that product on your blog. Then once you publish that blog post you can share the blog post url  anywhere and people can read it and some will click that link to see what it is that you are offering/

Setting up a blog is very easy and posting each day is not hard once you get into it.

Also start a Facebook group or page and start building that up and post your blog posts there to reach more people.

Even if you haven’t bought that Amazon product you can still recommend it and promote it through your posts with your affiliate link from Amazon.

once you have a blog and say a few Facebook groups try setting up a youtube channel. again this is free and easy and you can then upload videos to your channel promoting these products.

Heres my 2 books on Amazon and Kindle


I will post a new post about how to earn writing short ebooks and Amazon paperbacks.

Start off slow and easy with a free wordpress blog or just open a free Facebook account and add a group then go over to Amazon Associates and get an account and start promoting.

Below is a video i did to promote a solar charger so you can see what i mean…


In my second book out on Amazon there is a chapter dedicated to showing how i earn an online income here in Spain and how you can get started too. programs i use now and have used in the past to generate my online income and how you can get set up in just a few hours.






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