How To Make Your Dream A Reality

Make your dream a reality

Moving To Spain is many peoples dream and its a dream that I too had many years ago that is now for me a reality and I love living in Spain.

On my blogs and websites I like to encourage others to follow their dreams what ever they may be but I know it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start and how to get over all the problems that you are confronted with when trying to accomplish your dreams.

As many of you know I had a dream of building a new dream house here in Spain for many years and last last year I bought a plot of land to build my dream house on.

After going through all the struggles of moving to Spain many years ago I now have had to face new obstacles and mountains of paperwork and crazy Spanish bureaucracy that takes months to process anything.

Today at long last after waiting 5 months we should be collecting the last papers and licences to allow us to start the works. I say should as we have been at this point before but we had a call from their offices to say that the papers are now ready so today at 11. we will see.

Then the real work starts and we can start building our new house that will take about 2 years. The time is not important for me as I will be doing most of the building works myself and will enjoy the work. After working here as a builder here for other people for 16 years I am now going to be working 24, 7 on my own house and this is a dream come true for me.

Make your dream a reality

If your dream is to move to Spain and you think its hard or you dont really know where to start then look at it this way…. Many people have had that same dream and have gone through all the things and problems that you will have to go through and they are now living their dream life in Spain.    If they can do it then so can you.

There  is information, tips and advice in my groups and on my blogs and more in depth information in my new books that will help you plan and find just what you need to have and do to get your dream off the ground.

Its down to you to take action now to accomplish that dream.

“A dream with out action is just a dream”

It will not ever be easy to make your dreams come true but if it was easy then everyone would be living their dream life but not everyone takes action.

All the information is here so start taking action, make your lists and make your dream a reality.

Let us know what your dream is for next year.  post it here and make it a real thing. Once you write it down it is a thing on paper that is real and will manifest if you just want it enough.







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