Why I Give Out Info For Nothing

Give Out Info For Nothing

Someone asked me why I Give Out Info For Nothing on my sites.

Every piece of information, public or not, has value to somebody. The Information I give out is mostly about moving to Spain, Travel in and around Spain and just about anything related to living  and finding work in Spain.

After 16 years of living and working in Spain I have a lot of valuable knowledge that I have accumulated that can be of interest and help to others.

On my websites and blogs and in my FaceBook groups i post relevant Information about these subjects so as people who are interested can gain access to it all in one place or at least find links to the things they seek.

I remember when i first started looking into moving to Spain how overwhelming it was trying to gather all the relevant information.

Years ago when I worked as an online marketer I started off selling information and learning products to people in different markets and these were people who were looking for a specific thing and would pay to get more info on that topic.

I soon learned that if you gave away some of the information for free that you would grow a following and more people would start to take an interest in you and what you were doing, then you could offer some paid products of value and more people would then but these products as they saw that they had a higher value.

information on moving to Spain 2.png

If you are moving to Spain or thinking about it then there really is so much information that you need like paperwork and documents and although its mostly all available online for free, it can be hard to find it all or the bits that you are looking for as it is all over the place online and many people are offering slightly different versions of it.

By setting up my websites, blogs and groups I have created a place where people can come and get access to all the important suff that they are looking for, all in the same place and others can also share this related info in that place so as others can also benefit from it and all for free.

I will continue to share all this information and personal advice for free as I like to see people follow and achieve their dreams. So many people have dreams but do nothing about them so they stay just a dream.

For those who gather this info and take action with it then these are the ones who will get to see their dreams come true.

Recently I have published 2 new books that offer some more in depth and personal information that i now sell on Amazon and Kindle but I have set the price as low as possible just to cover the publishing costs and make a very small profit of less than 2 euros a book.

Also I have set it up so as you can download these ebook versions of both books for FREE on kindle.

I hope that people buy the paperback versions as it helps me with costs but all the information is still available for FREE.

My idea is to get more people interested and hopefully they will share my links and more people will get access to the information like a snow ball affect. Its never going to make be rich in money but I love it when I meet people here who have followed my information to make their dreams come true and are here in Spain enjoying this amazing way of life.

Dont forget You Can See my books here. http://livinginspainbooks.com/

Anyone who buys the books and gives a positive review on Amazon will be added to a list of people that i will invite to a party here next year.


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