British Expats In Spain

British experts in Spain.

Today I’ve spent the whole day in Seville with wet and windy conditions. But still is an amazing city to spend the day whatever the weather is here. Seville has so much to say and do in any weather conditions and a little bit of rain doesn’t really make any difference except to the photographs mybe.

This is my seventh trip to Seville, my Spanish wife often comes up to Seville for work trips so I accompany her and get to spend the day traveling around and being a tourist.

Even though I’ve been to Seville seven times now I still find some great little gems to see and some of the back streets have hidden treasures that you need to get yourself lost to discover.

I have traveled all over spain in the 16 years I’ve lived here and Seville is my Favorite city with Córdoba closely behind.

If you are living in Spain or you are thinking of traveling to Spain make sure that you take time to visit Seville even if it’s only for a couple of days.

Just sitting in a corner café with a quiet beer and a tostada is a great way to spend the day people watching.

After you’ve seen all the major attractions here like the Placidia Spagna the gold tower the river and scenic views and all the famous church buildings and cathedrals, Try just going round some of the back streets you’ll find some fantastic little shops and some great undiscovered streets many tourists Never bother to see.

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