Why You Must Visit Sevilla

Why You Must Visit Sevilla

Sevilla is my top city in Spain and today I will be off there again for the 7th time. Why so mush?Well my Spanish wife has to go there a few times a year for work so I tag along to take in the sites.

Today I am just about to leave again for a weekend trip there and manana I will be making some promotional videos for my new books that are now out on Amazon and Kindle SEE HERE.

Each time I visit Sevilla i find new things to see even after 7 times there. There are some great old streets away from the tourists that i especially like and love just getting lost there and finding new small open squares to have a quiet coffee. Like the one below..

The plaza de Espania is amazing and one of the top places to see in Sevilla just take a look at the video below that I shot there last week.

There is just so much to say about Sevilla but theres not enough time or space here so i will just post a few Photos that i took last week so as you can see for your self.

If you are living in Spain or just holidaying here then just take a few days off and go visit Sevilla as it really is an Amazing place and for me is the real Spain that people see in films and tv.

Below one of my best pics taken with my iphon7.

british expats in spain

Just walking around the streets you will see different street performers and dancers on most corners and it really does make to feel great just to watch them as with this amazing dancer below..


Amazing shops in the old town.


The bars and restaurants are old  like going back in time and have so much style. the food is amazing as well.



Trinana is over the river and the old part of Sevilla and very nice with old buildings and a little quieter pace of life.

If you are moving to Spain then there are More great tips and links in my books below.


Have you been to Sevilla yet and what did you like best?

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