How To Find Work In Spain

How To Find Work In Spain

6th jan updates

This is one of the most asked questions I get on all my websites and blogs

Below i will give you the honest truth to this most popular question.

Some Brits moving to Spain may need to find work there be it part time or full time and there are things that you can do to greatly improve your chances of finding work in Spain…

There are ways that I found that none Spanish speakers can now find work here.

Spain still has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe – if not the highest. Right now it is still very difficult to get a job in Spain speaking Spanish… so imagine without speaking it!

This year will be my 16th year of living and working here in Spain and in that time i have seen so many Brits come here with such high expectations, many have struggled and end up returning to the UK in less that 3 years.

There are of course those that do well here and are still here after many years and enjoying a great life here, so what is it that separates them?

There is one thing above all that is the most important thing that you can do to enhance your chances of really succeeding here rather than just surviving here.

Are you ready to hear what that is?

LEARN SPANISH…. it really is that simple… sorry but if you do Not speak Spanish you will struggle to find work here.


But wait.. there is still hope...

Yes there is bar work and cleaning jobs but we all know what thats like. Long hours of hard work with lowest of wages…you could do what many Brits start doing here and do the airport runs, picking up and dropping off holiday makers and expats but that is illegal and many local taxi drivers are on the look out for this and will come down very hard on you if they see you doing this.

Remember too that once you start working here there will be paperwork to fill in and phones to answer and all this is in Spanish.

If you go to high populated British areas like Benidorm or Malaga you may find some jobs working for British companies or British people but some where along the line you will need to Speak Spanish.

Look at it like this… If you wanted to find work in London next week and you did not speak English. what sort of work could you do and what would the wages be like?

The first year i lived here i did not speak Spanish but was learning and was very lucky to find work as a carpenter for an English building company here but they had Spanish speakers working for them so i did not need to speak Spanish but still many times i could not understand or speak to the customers or suppliers we had been working for here.

A few years later I went self employed and had to learn fast so had 3 lessons a week in private one on one classes. It was still very hard going into builders merchants to buy materials but i studied hard and it started to sink in.

If you are thinking of moving to Spain and you need to find work then give yourself the best chance you can and start learning Spanish now even before you move to Spain as this one thing will help you the most once you are here.

There are some ways that people who dont speak Spanish can find work in Spain and some great links to where these jobs can be found.

All in my new book out on Kindle and Amazon see below….

new updated info on finding work in Spain below.

How to find jobs in Spain.

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