How To Get A 3 Course Meal In Spain For 10 Euros or less

3 Course Meal In Spain 10 Euros or less

Spain is famous for is gastronomy, fish,meat or fresh fruits and Tapas, its all here and at a great value for money but many visitors still dont know about these house meals or meals of the day.

Traditionally, the “menu del dia” was for workers who couldn’t make it back
home in time for lunch. the dictator Franco is credited with its creation.
He had designed a set-price tourist menu back in 1964 and replaced it with
the ‘menu del dia’ in 1970 to showcase Spanish regional cuisine.

Today, it still fits that original purpose a nourishing and complete three-course
meal that offers good value for money. Even if you don’t see the set-price
menu board outside a restaurant,
it’s always worth asking staff as many places still offer a menu del dia.

Prices are from 8  to 15 euros and that normally includes a drink.

So what do you really get?

Just a few days ago my wife and I were driving home from Seville and on the motorway stopped to have a coffee and saw a bill broad offering the house menu that is also called menu of the day.

A 3 Course Meal In Spain

Below is what we ordered off the menu, a starter main and desert with a drink and bread. all for 10 euros.

British Expats In Spain #movingtospain

starter1British Expats In Spain #movingtospainBritish Expats In Spain #movingtospain

The day before we were at a 4 star restaurant in Sevilla that was very nice but this meal was also very nice and just a fraction of the price.

Next time you are feeling hungry look out for the board or sign that normally is out side and try it as you will be surprized at just what great value for money and nice it is.

Have you tried menu of the day yet?

Moving To Spain

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