Dont be afraid to move again once you are Living in Spain.

Living in Spain.

Once you move to Spain dont be afraid to move again if you feel like it. The grass is sometimes greener.

I remember when i first moved here 16 years ago and found Roquetas de mar, a lovely town near Almeria on the beach with everything i needed.

For 10 years i called this place my home and loved it but although at that time i wanted to be were there was bars shops and other English People i then wanted a little quieter place but still near the beach.

Living in Spain.
Roquetas de mar

The next town along the coast was Aguadulce and this was my next new home. After living in an apartment there for another 5 years we found that the noise from new neighbours and some new buildings there were not to our liking.

Below Aguadulce

Living in Spain

Time to move again

Now we are living in a house in the mountains temporarily until we can start building our new house as we just bought a plot of land here. Our New Build.

The point of this post is that when you first move to Spain you may think that its the perfect place for you and plan to stay there for ever but this is just how i felt when i first moved here but things change, so dont be afraid of change. change is good. Each time i have moved here it has been a lot better than the last place and soon we will start building our new house and that i hope will be the last move but who knows what is in the future.

This is why i always say in my posts that its best to rent first for 6 months and travel about a bit to see what places are like.

Even if and when you buy you may want to move again and if you feel the need then go for it. There is always going to be loads of unnecessary paperwork here, thats just part of the Spanish way but dont think when you move here it will be your last place because i have seen that in most cases its not.

If living in Spain have you moved more than once?

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