Eating out in Spain

Eating out in Spain

So you have made the move to Spain and you are now living here and want to start enjoying the life style and food of Spain.

You head off out to your local bars and restaurants but are meet with such a choice of drinks tapas and strange things you dont understand on the menu.

Where to start.

I remember 16 years ago when i first moved here, sitting in my first Spanish bar and looking at the menu not knowing 99% of what was on offer.

The best way to start is try it all. Ok there’s going to be things that you dont like and that sound strange like CARETA, “Pig Face. sounds nasty right ? but is really just thin sliced meat grilled and very tasty.  Bulls tail is another i have tried and like. there are some amazing fish and veggy dishes too that sound strange but tats great.

See what others are having and try it at least once. I remember a British friend of mine here visiting me many years ago and his first day out we told him what was on the menu and his response was *I dont like that* even though he had never tried it.

If you are going to live in Spain then at least try what they eat it may surprise you and you could find a new personal favourite, like my favourite is now grilled octopus, something i would never of tried back in the uk.

Most Brits move here and tend to stay in small expats groups going to Brit bars and brit owned restaurants here and although this can be a great way to get a feel of the land you will not get a real taste of Spanish food. The first few years here i too did this and learned a lot from local Brit expats here but soon became board with the food and conversation.

Many Expats here are retired and so their daily routine can be pretty repetitive. personally i liked to mix with locals more and love to make new friends. if you put in a little effort in trying to reach out to locals and make the effort to speak to them then a new world will open up to you.

Just a few nights ago we were sitting in a bar here in my Spanish wifes village and the couple at the table next to us where having a drink that i have not seen before so i started chatting to them. After a few minuets they told us about a new tapas bar that had opened up at the end of the village that was doing great grilled tapas to order. A fed nights later we tried this new bar and it was really good with dishes we had not had before even after years of living here,

Go where the Spanish Go

In the main town here there is a street that is a bit touristy and there are many bars and several are British run. They are nice bars and some offer tapas but they are very different from the Spanish ones and you rarely find many Spanish locals in them. The Spanish like good value and if the food is not cheap and very good they dont go back there again so if you see a lot of Spanish in a bar then you know it must be good.

Dont be afraid to go into a bar thats full of Spanish. It can be daunting but you will be made welcome.

There is a bar here in Almeria that we passed for many years on our route home and each time we did it was always full and even had people queuing at the door for a table.

We could see that there were people waiting for a seat and this was just a tapas bar.

We decided we would give it a try and the nest night we arrived at 8.30 pm as it was opening and there was 3 people in the queue in front of us. this is not the norm here for Spanish to wait at this hour for a table, they normally dont even go out till about 10pm.

So we finally got a table out side in the street and looked at the extensive tapas menu.

The tapas were very well presented and amazing. the tapas here in Almeria are free or included in the price of the drinks and at this bar the prices were the same as other bars about 1.50 for a beer or wine. Each tapas here was cooked to order buy a very busy kitchen staff and it was now easy to see why this bar was always full.

Below are a few of the tapas we had. costs for 4 people having 3 drinks each and 3 tapas each was a total of 22 euros. House wine is about 1.60 a glass and beer is from 1.30 a small beer.


At the end of the night as we ordered the bill they give every one a free small chocolate alcohol drink. great value for money and this is now one of my favourite bars here and the first one we go to when my brother comes to visit.

You will find a bar that you like and feel comfortable with here in time for sure but always try new places and new foods as you never know a new favourite could be in the making.

Whats the strangest food you have tried here and whats your favourite?

Did you know the history of the tapas  read this. …*Spanish Tapas*






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