So you are thinking about a move to Spain

so you are thinking about a move to Spain

Worried about money, work or Brexit ?

Read this….

Fed up with the UK or its just time for a change..there are many reasons for a move to Spain but i see from group posts that many people would like to make that move but are still unsure.

Heres what I have learned and personally recommend after living and working in Spain for 16 years…..

If you are reading this then you have probably got plans to move to Spain or are still thinking about it so maybe this will help.

Yes there are many things to consider when moving to any new country but if you really want to make the move then you will find a way to do it.


Nobody really knows how Brexit will turn out but whatever happens  both sides will not want to upset things to much as the uk needs Spain as much as Spain needs the uk and there tourists money.

Also are you going to let government leaders who probably wont be around in a few years time tell you where and how you can live. Its your dream not theirs so go for it. Live where you want its your life.

 Finding work.

Finding work in Spain can be hard especially if you dont speak the language but that applies to any new country. If you learn the language and do plenty of research about your new area you will give yourself the best chance of succeeding in Spain.

Yes you can get jobs here if you dont speak Spanish but they will be mostly bar and cleaning jobs and we all know how they pay. By learning some Spanish you are giving yourself the best of both worlds and can work for Brits and Spanish alike.

If you cant find work in the uk now then you most likely wont find work here as i believe that its down to how hard you look and how much effort you put into looking.

Last week i heard a guy in a bar here tell his mate how he had sent off 10 cv,s to new companies looking for work. and after 2 weeks had not had any interviews.

They bring the ice cream to you here👍

When i first came here i went to the companies and asked them for an interview, i found places i wanted to work in and went there and spoke to them face to face even though back then my Spanish was pitiful. its all about effort and how much you really want it. I was rejected many times the first few weeks but just put myself out there and in the end a job found me. its all about making contacts and taking daily action until you get the results you want.

move to spain

“it always seems impossible until it is done”

Enough Money

We never have enough money to do all the things we like and many people use this as an excuse. Yes it cost money to move and live in Spain but its way cheaper than the costs of living in the UK. If you have or can earn enough money to live in the UK then why cant you have or earn enough to do it all in Spain. After all its only a few hours away not the end of the world.

The bottom line here is this… If you have a dream to move to Spain for a better way of life then dont let all this scaremongering and here say that you see on tv and the internet put you off doing what you want. Dont wait… start doing now. There is so much you can do even before you commit to any money of moving that can help you once you do make that move.

Yes listen to what others are saying but learn from those who have done what you want to do as these are the people who have the experiences that you need to learn from to make your move a successful one.

I leave you with my favourite quote….

“Travel is like a book, he who does not travel reads only one page”

When are you going to move to Spain or have you all ready made the move?

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