What factor do you use?


Its getting hot out there now at last…

What factor sun cream do you use?

On a resent check up at the doctors I was surprised at what she said about sun cream.

We all like to get a nice tan and you do feel and look good when you have a bit of a tan but at what cost.?

A few years ago I noticed a small red spot on my arm that had got a bit bigger and seemed to itch a bit so I made an appointment at the hospital to get it checked out.

A very nice young lady doctor at the hospital in Almeria gave me a look over and who was I found out trained in London so spoke good English. She told me I was ok but that she would treat the small red spot be removing it with a dry ice spray that burns it off. She told me that it was 90% nothing to worry about but best to freeze it off to be sure,

She asked me what factor sun cream I used and I replied a factor 20 or 30.

Not enough she said to my surprise. ..as I thought I was careful…Here in Spain she said, and anywhere hot you need to apply factor 40 or 50 each time you go out and re apply regularly throughout the day.

She told me that people think that they will not get brown so use a lower factor but this is not true even with a factor 50 you will still get brown but will not burn.

If you are red then you have burnt your skin and each time you get red from the sun you have damaged your skin and it my not recover if you continue to do so and that’s how you are more likely to develop skin cancers.

So from now on I will up it to factor 50.

What factor do you use?

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  1. Unfortunately my late husband died through skin cancer , aged 46 , we both loved the sun and would lie in it until cooked. Big mistake, his arm also had just an itchy. Freckle so straight of to our doctors in the uk , he said it’s nothing leave it alone , this went on for over 6 months each time being told it’s not skin cancer , only when we paid to see a dermatologist and being cut deep in the skin we were told it was bad , In under two years it traveled to his brain and cost him his life . No tan is worth it , men in particular working outside no hats or t shirts on ,burnt to a crisp, at the skin cancer clinics if you could see how many men had to have their ears removed you would be shocked. Factor 50 every where you have your skin uncovered, once you have skin cancer there is no cure, just a matter of time . Sorry I just want shock people for the sake of saving their lives . Jill


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