Just enjoy the ride

Just enjoy the ride

So we have now sold our house here in Almeria Spain and have bought a plot of land to start building our dream house.

We are now waiting for the building licenses so as we can start building but anyone who has lived in Spain knows that things take time here, a lot of time.

Also with the August holidays coming up soon we know it’s going to be a bit of a wait as in August everything shuts down for a month here.

So rather than get stressed out we are enjoying the time by doing a bit of traveling around Spain and spending several days at the beach topping up our tan.


There is so much paperwork and unnecessary paper work here it can be easy to get stressed out but after 16 years here now I understand you just have to go with the flow.

So today we are having the day at the beach. There is an amazing beach just up the road from where we have bought our land called agua amargar and it’s a quiet sandy cove beach with light fine sand and clear waters so sunbathing and snorkeling are on the cards today.


It’s easy to get stressed out in Spain when buying and selling but if you just go with the flow and succumb to the fact that things take time here, you can enjoy the journey and know that it gets done eventually.

After almost 16 years here now I have started to be more laid back and just enjoy the ride.

As I am sitting here on this lovely beach I feel some what frustrated as I can’t yet start building my dream house but feel fortunate that I am sitting here sipping my cold beer and can enjoy my wife’s company and this lovely view.

Learn to just enjoy the ride.

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