Why Its So Important To Learn Spanish if moving to Spain

Why Its So Important To Learn Spanish if moving to Spain

So you are thinking of moving to Spain but you dont speak Spainish, is it really necessary?

Each year there are thousands of Brits that up sticks and move to Spain in search of a better way of life but 95% of these people speak little or no Spanish, so is it that important or a problem if you dont learn Spanish or can you get by without speaking Spanish?

Ok so after 16 years of living  and working in Spain i have seen many Brits move here and set up a new life so this is what i see and what i have experienced when it comes to speaking the lingo…

Learn Spanish if moving to Spain

OK Yes you can survive in Spain without speaking Spanish but this is what you will need to do if you cant speak Spanish.

First you will have to pay someone to do your interpreting for things like renting or buying your property, this is very important and you really need to know whats happening at this crucial stage, opening a bank account and setting up your domestic bill payments are also very important that you know just what you are paying for.

There is also reading of letters and bills that you will receive so you will need a very good friend who speaks Spanish to help or again have to pay someone to do these things for you. Then there is the phone calls you make and receive…its spain so people will be speaking Spanish so will you understand them and what they want or be able to tell people what you want?

How about ordering this below….

Its not just the money side of things though, you will feel lost or even stupid when people talk to you and you dont understand what they are saying, trust me i remember how stupid i felt when i first moved here and didnt understand people.

Once you learn Spanishyou will not only save time and money but really be able to enjoy more of your new life in Spain.

If you need to work in Spainthen learning Spanish is a must, yes you can get bar work or cleaning jobs but a decent job without speaking Spanish is almost impossible and can be a major problem for Brits moving to Spain.

Moving To Spain is a big adventure for most Brits who take the plunge so if you want to make it as smooth and stress free as possible start learning some basics now …even before you make that Move To Spain.

ok How?…

There are some great free apps that you can download that really help and playing  or listening to them in the car can help them sink in.

If there is one thing that you can do to make your Move to Spain a permanent and successful one then its going to be Learning some Spanish.

Are you learning and if so what are you using to learn?


  1. Great post . I agree . Personally I would not move to Spain without learning the language. We plan to move in a year or so . Every day I am trying to learn bits of Spanish . I have an on line teacher using Italki which is good and really cheap . I also follow “Spanish for beginners ‘ on Facebook which is free and excellent . I have also bought an on line package called “yabla” which is also really good . I find Spanish quite easy probably because I speak good French . However at 55 and having a bad memory I am struggling to retain vocabulary .

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    1. Thant’s great Carole, thanks for sharing, it’s practice that really helps, most people don’t get the chance to practice much until they are here but I found watching tv films with the subtitles on helped too.


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