Thinking About A Move To Spain.

3 Levels Everyone Goes Through When Thinking About A Move To Spain.

What level are you at?

If you are thinking of moving to Spain then there is normally 3 steps everyone goes through, or 3 different levels that you will be at before you actually make that move…

Level 1

People who say ” I would love to move to Spain one day.” These people have started thinking about a new better life in Spain but its still just thoughts and dreams for the possible future. They are probably fed up with the Uk work, weather, or both. They still need some time to get even more fed up before they move to level 2 but the seed is planted. About 50% may now move to level 2 or may never go any further.

Level 2

People who have started doing a bit of research on different areas in Spain and started thinking about renting or buying a property. These people have thought about a future possible date for that move and started making a few plans. They are thinking about the costs. The seed has started to grow now..

Level 3

People who have been out to Spain to look around or maybe look at different properties in Spain. online.These people may have set a date and started preparing for the big move. They have thought about and planned what they will do once they are there. These people are very close to actually making that move. The seed is now grown into a small sapling.

There is then the last level for those who have make that leap and started living their dreams.


So what level are you at now? comment below if you agree with this.

Looking For Work In Spain



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