Why You Must Stop Saying “Thank God Its Friday”

Stop Saying “Thank God Its Friday”

Many people are posting on line or are saying “Thank God Its Friday”.

What this says about you and your life.

So why do people say this in the first place. Well i too did say this years ago so this is what i think.


You work hard all week at your job and cant wait for Friday to come as this means that you can get off work and start to have fun at the weekend like going out with friends for a drink or just do the things that you like doing.

You are glad that the week is finally over and its the end of the slog and you have 2 days of freedom.

But there is a down side…

In just 2 days you will be back to the same old grind again and this is a desperate circle that never seems to end.

Thank God Its Friday1

What it really means is that you are not happy with your life at the moment.

If you were happy then you would not say Thank God Its Friday as every day is a good day if you are happy doing what you love.

If you are not happy then its time to change. There is always something that you can do to set this change in motion…….. Its called taking action..

Life is short dont keep saying Thank God Its Friday.

Make a change now… start saying ” I Cant believe its Friday already”.

Time passes fast when you are doing what you love.

You live longer in Spain you know… see proof here

Are you doing what you love or are you saying thank god its Friday?

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moving to spain

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