2 Types Of Banks In Spain

Banks In Spain.

If you are moving to Spain then you’re going to need a bank account in Spain if you’re planning a long-term stay here.

If you already use a bank with an international presence like (Santander, HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays, NatWest) you will find it much easier to set up an account you can access and use when you’re here in Spain.

Ask your own bank in the UK before you travel whether your current bank has an offshore division you can sign up with, which will mean that your banking activities transfer seamlessly abroad. This also means that you arrive in Spain with a credit rating, which will help enormously if you want to take out a mobile phone contract or get references for renting a place or mortgage.


Make sure you ask your bank manager all the right questions before you open a Spanish account:


Do charges apply to pay direct debits or to use other banks’ ATMs?

Do they offer 24-hour online banking? This in my personal experience is a must and will save a lot of time.

Is there a minimum cash deposit required in order to open an account? some banks ask for 2000 euros.

Is there an admin fee for setting up the account (normally this is €15 – €30)?

Bancos dibujo

Banks In Spain

“2 Types Of Banks In Spain…did you know?

Spain has two different types of banks: cajas and bancos.

Bancos are high street banks and privately owned (like Santander)

cajas are state-run and more local banks.

Banks In Spain open from 9am – 2pm, Monday to Saturday in Spain. If you’re opening an account once you arrive in Spain, book an appointment with an English-speaker if you don’t yet speak the lingo, or look for a branch that has an English speaker as many now do, and bring along the following:


Your passport

Foreigner’s Identity Number

Residence Certificate

Proof of address and employment

Spain is mainly chip and pin-ready, whilst contact less payment is catching on more slowly.

No more queues maybe?


Here in My part of Spain i have seen many banks now stop taking money over the counter, you now have to do all transactions at the hole in the wall machine outside even depositing money. It is faster as there are less queues now and you can do it anytime you like but some people like to have a more personal experience.

Whats your views on the banks where you are?

Dont forget to comment please if this has been helpful thank you ..David.


  1. I don’t like having to do transactions using the hole in the wall, where all the world and his wife can see what you’re doing, paying in paying bills etc and unless you’re careful being able to see your PIN. The ATM style are also subject to abuse and gadgets to note your PIN. I know several people in ALmeria, where money has been taken from their account. It isn’t always easy for people to juggles, bills, money, credit /debit card, receipts, walking stick, bags etc. One ATM I know in Roquetas has their money machine out on the main thoroughfare, where you can’t read it for most of the day because of the sunshine glare.


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